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Explore new business models & partnerships to maximize viewer engagement across connected TV platforms

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Meet Hollywood studios & broadcasters to gauge the future of content distribution, social integration and viewer engagement  across connected devices

100+ smart tv pioneers from right across the industry confirmed... click here to see them!

  • Win the battle for the audience: Make the most of premium content through strategic partnerships, companion apps and social integration to retain and engage today's TV audience
  • Survive the collision between content & technology: Effective strategies to seamlessly integrate OTT content with linear broadcasts to maximise viewer engagement and retention
  • Effective brand extension with TV everywhere: Discover how best to control content across multiple devices and the latest DRM tools for “on-the-go” delivery
  • The importance of the search: Hear how to ensure viewers can find what they want to watch... and understand the solutions that make it easy to search for content
  • Smart Advertising: Recapture advertising dollars by enabling highly effective brand advertising across multiple screens

Download the brochure to see the full agenda and who you can meet on site.

It's a battlefield out there! The rise of OTT content, companion apps and "on demand" services has challenged traditional TV - players across the ecosystem are in a fight for audiences! To succeed they face some scary issues: tactical blunders; becoming irrelevant; or backing the wrong horse.

At Smart TV Insider we believe the future of TV hinges on the effective partnership between content and technology. That's why the Smart TV summit is all about how the two can best work together to engage today's TV audience.

Who will you meet?

ALL the major stakeholders from across the TV ecosystem are confirmed and your business should be too!

Broadcasters / Networks: MTV, ESPN, NBC, Euronews, ABS-CBN, FOX,…
Content owners: Disney, Konami, Endemol, Red Bull, Sesame Workshop, Universal…
Platforms: YouTube, Yahoo! Connected TV, Virgin, Google TV, Shazam…
TV and device manufacturers: Samsung, Sony, LG, Roku, Panasonic, Sharp…

See other groups already confirmed here....

Why choose this event? Why we're different

Smart TV is the hot topic for key players across the broadcasting ecosystem. The challenges and opportunities around Smart TV impact various players in different ways. Our focus is centred on how this disruption impacts the future strategies of broadcasters and content owners. Our panel of leading content owners (including the major Hollywood studios) will address: where, why and how premium content will be distributed over coming years.

"By gathering the 360° view and impact to the industries in the value chain, this conference is a global leader"

- Thomas Rambold, CEO, DES

We know what works - our focus on content and technology (with cool demos on site) provided only by leading Studios, broadcasters and TV platforms makes this the only summit to:

  • Develop your plan of attack (...strategies to out flank the competition)
  • Benchmark your strategy (...know what's going on behind enemy lines?!)
  • Form effective partners ( you can't navigate the smart world alone!)

Quite simply the conversation starts here!

Download the brochure to learn more

Our philosophy: maximum value & time well spent

  • We help you arrange relevant one-on-one meetings with content owners, TV platforms and technology guys that fit your objectives / interests so you form lasting business relationships
  • Six months of in-depth research and speaker recruitment to promote knowledge sharing
  • Cool demos to give you a better feel for how content can broaden across platforms

It's simple, we pride ourselves on bringing together content and technology to help you develop effective business models and form partnerships that fit your objectives

Download the brochure to find out more, including a full agenda & speaker line-up

Key speakers on how to engage today's audience include:

  • Tina Hoover, Endemol USA
  • Nathan Coyle, General Manager, Cambio (AOL)
  • Stephen White, President, Gracenote
  • Alex Babin, CEO & Founder, ClickBerry
  • David Jones, VP Marketing, Shazam
  • Jim DeFilippis, Technologies and Standards, FOX Technology Group
  • Christy Tanner, TV Guide EVP, TV Guide

Download the brochure to see confirmed participants and learn more about the speaker panel

Here's the ROI!

  • Save TIME and MONEY: sit down with the platforms you want to meet
  • QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY gauge how to broaden content across multiple platforms
  • LEARN how audiences are responding to the latest engagement tools
  • TAKE AWAY the contacts and insight needed to effectively map-out your strategy over the next 12 months

Space is limited... Register here now to secure your place.

For further information please get in touch on below details - I look forward to meeting you in June!

George Kiley

George Kiley
Smart TV Insider
US Phone: 1800 814 3459 ext 7545
ROW Phone: +44 20 7375 7545

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